Industrial Pump Repair

We Repair and Service all Pumps and Brands!

For over 15 years, MNP Electrical has been providing pump service and repair solutions across a large range of Australian industries. Regardless of your industry, the fluid you are pumping, or the type of pump you are using, our pump service and repair services are designed around three key objectives.

Our technicians consistently identify ways to maximize your pump’s performance during every service and repair job. Areas we focus on including excessive wear ring clearances, internal recirculation, accelerated bearing wear, and packing/mechanical seal failure. We aim to increase your service intervals while reducing energy costs.

For emergency repairs, our service vehicle fleet and Pump Service Centres are designed and equipped to ensure the fastest turnaround times possible. Our preventive maintenance programs also aim to ensure your pumps are offline for short, pre-arranged times, rather than potentially lengthier, inconvenient times during an emergency.

  • Maximizing your Pump’s Performance
  • Minimizing your Pump’s Downtime
  • Minimizing your Pump’s Lifecycle Costs
Industrial pump repair
Industrial pump repair

We use the latest Techniques!

The Benefits of Laser Alignment

Some of our countries hardest working pumps can be found in our hospitals, hotels, aquatic centres, aged care facilities, and industrial complexes. These pumps work around the clock, covering a number of essential services such as water and waste management.

Hard-working pumps require regular servicing in order to maintain efficient operation, however, whenever a pump or motor is moved, for purposes such as repair or maintenance, the pump motor shaft will require re-alignment. The best method for this is laser alignment.

Laser alignment is used for the alignment of the pump to the motor in long-coupled pumps. Pump motor shaft alignment needs to be precise in order to avoid excessive wear and tear on bearings, mechanical seals and wear rings which will shorten service intervals or cause equipment downtime.

At MNP Electrical, our laser alignment practices utilize the latest in laser optical technology to precisely align the pump to the motor within a fraction of a millimetre, ensuring optimum pump efficiency between scheduled maintenance.

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